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Sic vis pacem
Para bellum
Invictus Training Center
921 S. Hwy 160  #404
Pahrump, NV      MAP
Adult Self Defense

This course will be a self-paced introduction to fundamental concepts, tactics, and techniques of unarmed self-defense.

The goal is for each student to build a functional defensive skill set  that works with his or her physical ability, size, strength, personality, and depth of commitment to training.

Come as you are.

We will help you find out what you are capable of right now, and show you how to become more capable if you wish.

Introduction class is Free.  

$60 / month or $20 walk-in.

Questions?  Contact Chuck  702-524-2195

                                                  Let us know if you are attending a free class.


Saturdays  3:00pm - 4:30pm    
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