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     and Renewals (Las Vegas)

If you would prefer to pay day of class- please call our office to register.

 Bring to class:
   Handgun with at least two magazines or speed
     loaders   (more is better)
   Dominant side holster that completely covers 
     the trigger  guard (inside the waistband is fine)
   Eye and ear protection
   A brimmed hat
   Sack lunch (if all day class)  Can eat in the 

   Ammunition:  50 rounds of ammunition
     Nevada requires live fire qualification with one
     handgun of any type or caliber.

This course begins by introducing the fundamental skills of handgun use, including safe handling and storage, loading and unloading, basic marksmanship skills, presentation from the holster, emergency reloads and malfunction clearance.  This class will satisfy the specific training requirements for the Nevada Concealed Carry permit application.

Topics discussed will include justifiable use of deadly force, threat management and de-escalation strategies, home security planning and Nevada firearm,  concealed weapon and use of force laws.

(Utah and Florida CCW training requirements can also be completed with an additional lecture block for an additional $30).

    Basic Handgun only:  $65 
    Nevada CCW course: $95 
    NV, UT, and FL CCW course: $125 
    Renewal only course:  $55 
    HR218: $25


   Prerequisite:  CCW current permit
  Ammunition:  30 rounds ammunition 

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 Nevada is a 'shall issue' state meaning that if a person
 with a clean criminal history successfully completes
 the approved classroom training and appropriate 
 firearms qualification, the Sheriff will issue a permit.  
 All  NV concealed firearms permits are valid for a 
 period of five years from the date of issue.   Permit 
 renewal requires a five hour refresher class, a 
 shooting re-qualification and  application to the 
 Sheriff for the renewal.