Dec 12  3:00pm - 8:00pm

Invictus Training Center
921 S. Hwy 160   #404
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This class will introduce the fundamental skills of edged weapon use as a defensive tool as well as techniques and skill development drills for defending against an edged weapon attack.

Course topics will include weapon selection and modes of carry, rapid acquisition under pressure, the effective methods of attack and defense and the integration of empty hand and grappling skills with edged weapon use.

Prerequisites: none

This course will require moderate physical exertion. There will be light contact during some drills. Martial arts experience and a high level of fitness, while valuable, are not mandatory for this introductory level class.

Wear loose, comfortable clothing and shoes suitable for training.

Goggles or safety glasses are mandatory during partner drills. There will be loaner glasses available.

Training weapons will be provided for class use.

Drone or training versions of your preferred carry blades are welcome.

Live blades are welcome for “show and tell” but will not be allowed on the training floor.

Course fee:  $75

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