Saturday - Septembr 8th, 2012    10:00am - 5:00pm
                           Invictus Training Center
                                            1641 E. Sunset   Ste  B106-7  Las Vegas

 The goal of Integrated Combatives training is the seamless integration of empty hand,
 edged and impact weapons, and firearms for personal defense.
 This specific class will focus on fundamental concepts and techniques of empty hand
 combatives, both standing and grounded.

 Course topics will include conflict avoidance skills, recognizing  pre-assault cues,
 defensive posture and strategies, and basic strikes and kicks.

 We will practice takedown defense, how to minimize risk of injury if taken down, and
 basic groundfighting and escape techniques.

 Everything taught in the course will be practiced with an understanding that either
 party may be armed and  weapons may come into play during the conflict.

 Prerequisites: none

 This course will require moderate physical exertion. There will be light contact during
 some drills. Martial arts experience and a high level of fitness, while valuable, are not
 mandatory for this introductory level class. 

 Wear loose, comfortable clothing and shoes suitable for training.

 Training weapons will be provided for class use.
 Drone or training versions of your preferred carry weapons are welcome.

 Live blades or firearms will not be allowed on the training floor. Carry firearms may 
 be worn if they have been disabled by the installation of a training barrel or similar

 Course fee: $75