79th (2017) Session of the Nevada Legislature
  Senate Bill 102

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  This proposed legislation allows for a person who
  holds a permit to carry a concealed firearm to 
  possess and store their handgun in a vehicle that
  is on the property of the Nevada System of Higher
  Education or a private or public school or child 
  care facility in certain circumstances.

  This is a common-sense bill that is consistent 
  with other provisions regarding concealed carry.

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  HEARING - Wednesday, Mar 1, 1:30pm
As we watch the landscape of gun ownership in Nevada, it is scary to say 'it's becoming more liberal'.  California is a border state and when Californians move here, unfortunately, some bring their hysterical gun views with them.  If you want to protect our gun rights, we all need to band together, constantly, and let our voices be heard.  It only takes a moment to send an email, a letter or a phone call.    A great analogy:  a camel sticks his nose under our (gun) tent.  If we don't smack his nose and continue to smack it every time he tries to stick his nose in, he will soon bring our entire tent down.
Grant Sawyer Building
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Senate Bill 115
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This bill adds the public library to the list of places you cannot carry your pistol.  As far as I can tell, there has never been a problem with a gun at our library, so this is just arbitrarily adding locations you can't carry.

We are voting NO.

HEARING - Tuesday, Feb 28, 1:30pm