Saturday, Oct.1, 2022
             5:00pm - 9:00pm        MAP

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​This class will teach fundamental rifle skills for personal defense.

We will emphasize safe gun handling and the delivery of rapid, effective first round hits on targets within 50 yards from field positions.

Course topics will include choosing the proper rifle zero for the anticipated mission, mechanical offset between bore and sights/optic, and both hold offs and dialed corrections for distances closer and farther than the zero.

Gun handling skills will include safety procedures, loading and unloading, emergency and proactive reloads, and malfunction clearances.

We will drill the use of cover and concealment and barricade shooting positions.

Any functional cartridge firing rifle or carbine
A magazine fed weapon such as an AR-15 or AK-47 will be ideal. Pistol caliber carbines or rimfire rifle/carbines are acceptable for this class. 
Minimum of two magazines suggested
Eye and ear protection and brimmed cap or hat
Knee pads if desired. Long pants and long sleeved shirts strongly recommended
50 rounds of ammunition is the suggested minimum. Bring more to shoot more.
We have a limited supply of ammo available for class use. Call us if you cannot obtain ammunition.

Cost:  $100​

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