Saturday, Sept 26  4:00p.m. - 8:00 p.m.

                     INVICTUS TRAINING CENTER
                         921 S. Hwy 160   #404   Pahrump

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The tac-med scenarios course will be almost entirely hands on with very 
  little lecture time.

  This course will drill the basic skills necessary to manage life-threatening 
  trauma in a tactical environment.

  Students will work through increasingly complex simulations involving single
  and multiple trauma patients. 

  In addition to Basic Life Support (BLS) skills, the training will emphasize self 
  care and care under fire.

  Students will learn to solve trauma problems with both standard medical equipment
  and available improvised materials. 

  Scenarios will challenge and enhance the student’s ability to:
  •Recognize and manage scene security issues 
  •Perform a rapid patient assessment
  •       Prioritize treatment
  •Control life-threatening bleeding
  •Deal with penetrating chest injuries
  •Manage airway problems
  •Communicate and delegate tasks in a team environment
  •Perform quick and efficient triage in a multi-victim situation

  Students should wear comfortable clothing and shoes suitable for moderate physical
  activity. Blood simulants used in training scenarios may stain clothing.
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Cost:  $100
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This is not an entry level class.

 Successful participants should
 at minimum have relatively
 recent (within last three years)
 civilian or military First Aid

 Wilderness first aid, NAEMT or
 NSC First Responder, EMT or
 equivalent, or completion of an
 Invictus tactical medicine 
 course are recommended.