Sunday, January  17,    2:00pm - 7:00pm
     Morales Gravel Pit

  This class will teach the fundamentals of the shotgun as a self defense weapon.

Course topics will include:
Shotgun and ammo selection
The effective range of the shotgun
Patterning with buckshot
Zeroing with slugs
Accessory and modification options
Ammo carriers
Recoil reduction

Students will learn to rapidly acquire solid shooting positions and quickly deliver fight stopping hits on single and multiple targets at ranges appropriate to their weapon and ammo.

Equipment required:
Functional shotgun in 12 or 20 gauge 
Shotguns with a pistol grip only (No shoulder stock) are strongly discouraged
Eye and ear protection and a brimmed hat
Means of carrying 12-15 rounds of ammo on the support side, cargo or BDU trouser
          pocket is acceptable

Optional but recommended:
Sling for the shotgun (standard two point hunting type sling preferred, single point or
“tactical” slings are acceptable)
Weapon mounted spare ammo carrier, either receiver or stock mounted 

50 rounds birdshot (7 ½, 8, or 9 shot)
25 rounds buckshot (OO, #2, #3, or #4 buck), reduced recoil loads recommended
10 rifled slugs (reduced recoil loads recommended)

Course cost: $75

To Register and Pay:

Name of Student
Contact Phone #
If you prefer to pay day of class, please call our office (702)524-2195 to register, OR fill out the form below.