Sunday,  Nov 15,      8:00am - 1:00pm

   Morales Gravel Pit - Pahrump      MAP

This course will teach and reinforce techniques and tactics for fighting in and around vehicles.
We will cover weapon carry modes and acquisition, shooting issues related to working in a confined space, and rapid egress from the vehicle.
We'll look at cars as concealment and limited cover, as well as when to shoot and when to just drive out of the fight.
Students will be encouraged to do dry practice and (If they wish) some shooting drills from in and around their own vehicles.
Range vehicles and props will be used for shooting through windshields, seats, and car doors.
We will do a few drills force on force with airsoft.  Airsoft pistols and protective masks will be provided.

Course fee: $125

Ammunition required: 250 rounds (20 rounds of hollow point defensive ammo suggested)

Handgun and three magazines
Carry holster and magazine pouch(es)
Goggles (Required for glass shooting drills)
Eye and ear protection (Electronic ear muffs are suggested)
Brimmed hat
Knee pads optional (We will be getting down in the dirt!)
Long sleeved hoodie or sweatshirt and lightweight gloves
Paintball mask and an airsoft pistol if you have them (We'll have loaners)

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