What students said about the "Concealed Carry Class"...

" A great day!  A little humbling to realize how many steps
I've lost by not doing any real training in a long time.  I guess
it's time to get back on the horse and get my skills back to
where they belong.  I'll be back!"  SK - Las Vegas

"Good instructor, consistent message, mix of hands-on and verbal instruction. I evaluate teachers for a living. Chuck is very good as an instructor (great teaching methods)." T.O.

"Rated class as Excellent. Instructor was very knowledgeable and interacted with students, based on student's level of understanding and experience." 

"I liked the patience of the instructor in answering questions from the group. I didn't feel rushed and felt I received thorough training." R.M.

What students said about the most recent class "Handgun Tune Up" at the Clark County Shooting Park...

"I would rate this course "Excellent". It was my first training with Chuck - very informative and very well organized". R. C.

"I would rate this course "Excellent". It had a good pace - covered a lot of information". R. S.